Get to know the innovative Vegetalis EcoTechnology

What is the most valuable in our Vegetalis cosmetics comes from Nature, that's why we care for it from the very first stages of production.

Conscious care is not a temporary trend or marketing gimmick. This is a conscious choice of products that, together with high skin care qualities, offer safety for both Your skin and the Natural Environment.

Choose Vegetalis and take care of Your skin healthily and responsibly

Read and learn how to do it!

NO! For animal tests and animal ingredients. 

NO! For ingredients harmful to the skin

The caring strength of our products comes exclusively from natural extracts and oils with high biological activity. We do not use substances of animal origin and none of the products and ingredients from which they are created is tested on animals. We excluded all ingredients with potentially adverse effects on the skin such as: parabens, silicones, mineral oils, paraffin or artificial colors.

Safe product in a safe package

We make sure that our packaging is not only attractive but also pro-ecological. We only use dark brown glass packaging, which can be recycled and additionally provide excellent protection against external factors (eg light) on sensitive plant extracts present in Vegetalis face creams. In addition, each jar is packed in a paper box without outer film, so as not to generate additional waste that can not be recycled.

Innovative ecological technology without chemistry - supercritical extraction

What is supercritical extraction? - an innovative technology of modern cosmetology.

This method allows obtaining natural plant extracts and essences in mild conditions, without the need to use hazardous chemicals and introduce harmful post-production waste into the ecosystem. The obtained extracts and plants oils are characterized by remarkable purity and do not contain chemical residues of solvents, which is important especially for people with sensitive and allergic skin, because these "leftovers" can promote burning, irritation and redness of the complexion.

The process takes place in conditions with no air access and in relatively low temperatures, thanks to which the structure of plant components is intact and their activity maximally preserved, in contrast to traditional methods in which high temperatures and the solvents used lead to the decomposition of compounds and decrease of care properties.

The process of supercritical extraction is an example of Green Technology, because it is exceptionally clean and safe, environmentally friendly.