We are a Polish producer of Vegetalis – an innovative plant based face creams.

Your skin is an inspiration for us, that's why we have created a line of innovative products that will provide you the highest level of skin care

We reached for the latest technologies, safe for you and the natural environment, thanks to which we selected extremely clean and active plant extracts and closed them in elegant dark glass jars. Specially designed formula will provide your skin with everything it needs to look beautiful and healthy every day. Trust us and see that the Vegetalis cosmetics are a guarantee of naturalness, excellent results and the satisfaction of your skin.

Our company's mission is to create high-quality plant cosmetics and to spread the idea of "Conscious Care"

What is Conscious Care? This is a selection of products that are safe for both our skin and the environment. It is also realizing that even through small things such as daily care, we can take care of Nature. We focused on the latest ecological technologies, such as supercritical extraction for obtaining active plant ingredients, and we excluded potentially harmful compounds, i.e. parabens, silicones, paraffins, artificial dyes, phthalates or mineral oils. We do not use any ingredients of animal origin and we do not test on animals - neither finished products nor their individual components, that's why Vegetalis cosmetics are Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free. We also use biodegradable, dark glass packaging without outer film.

"What's best in our products comes from nature, that's why we care

for it the best we can"

Choose Vegetalis and cultivate your skin healthily and consciously

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